How to ease nighttime varicose vein pain

It is true that a good sleep does wonders not only for your skin but your overall health as many diseases can be controlled when the body and mind are well rested. But what about those who are troubled by painful varicose veins. It is a hard-hitting reality that varicose veins pain the most when you lie down and wish to rest.

It is not that the legs do not pain during the day, they do but because the daytime activities keep one busy and distracted the pain is not felt so much during the daytime as much as at night when all one wants to do is to rest. Chronic leg pain is serious and must not be neglected. The leaky valves in the legs make the legs heavy at night and very uncomfortable and painful. If left untreated they will affect your quality of life.

This condition prevents you from getting the much-needed restful sleep. Here are a few things that can make life easier.

  • Keep your legs elevated when you are sitting as this will calm down your veins. Ensure that your legs remain elevated when you sleep at night.
  • Exercise is the best medicine for all problems related to circulation. Make sure that every day you are doing some form of exercise like walking, yoga, swimming; these exercises will improve respiration and circulation without being too strenuous or painful. It is a great way to relax.
  • Remaining hydrated is the key to avoiding painful leg cramps. Make sure that you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day as it promotes blood circulation and keeps the blood vessels and tissues soft, healthy and pliable.
  • Rubbing the problem areas with essential oils will relieve pain and will promote circulation.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Avoid all processed foods, caffeine, sugars and food high in sodium as they aggravate the condition further. Instead, eat more fresh fruits and salads.
  • Stretch before you sleep. Tight muscles restrict the flow of blood and lymph through the legs making them painful. Gentle stretches ease the muscles and promote blood circulation.
  • A nighttime bath with Epsom salts will also prove to be beneficial.

Painful legs need immediate medical attention. A qualified vein specialist will be able to chart out a plan to treat your varicose veins, in the meantime, you can follow the above tips or use over-the-counter local ointments like the Varikosette which are believed to not only relieve the pain but also lead to the disappearance of unsightly protruding varicose veins.