How To Keep Thos Aches At Bay

Have you ever felt uncomfortable pains in your joints that have stopped you from doing your usual work? These joint pains can get worse if left unattended. Though one can go for various treatments and massages to relieve themselves of these pains, having an immediate solution is always better.

There are many medications one can use but this requires them to ingest it and some can have side effects on your body too. Topical solution like the Hondrocream can be a great way to handle those pains.

How Does It Work

Made of ingredients meant ot help with joint pains and inflammation, this solution is believed to reduce inflammation in joints where it is applied. Some of the ingredients used are:

  • Red pepper
  • Camphor
  • Turpentine oil
  • Menthol
  • Mint essence
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Horse chestnut oil
  • Fir needle essential oil

Since one does not need a prescription for this cream, anyone suffering from joint pains or a back ache can but this across the counter and use it. It is known for immediate effect; hence one needs only a small break to recover from the aches, if this cream is in hand.

How To Keep It At Bay

While one can keep applying the cream for immediate relief, one should also start taking care of themselves, to reduce such occurrences. Here are some tips to help you keep those insistent joint pains at bay:

Never sit in one place for too long. If yours is a desk job that requires you to sit at your desk for hours on end, consciously take a break every few minutes. Set an alarm too, if required and move out of that chair at least every one hour. Just get up, get a cup of coffee, or go say a hi to a neighbor, if you have nothing else to do. This will get the blood flowing and reduce the occurrence of joint pains.

Do some basic stretches at work and back home. if possible, do a few stretches first thing in the morning. This is beneficial because the body is flexed and ready to take up work for rest of the day. When the muscles are stretched and body is warmed up, the injuries will be lesser.

If you cannot get away from your desk, alternate your work. Use your computer for a while and switch to writing on a book or arranging your papers, etc, that will not require you to continue sitting in the same position and look only at your screen. This will give some relief to your back as well.