Topical Analgesics: Hondrocream – An Overview

Most people are affected by joint pains, muscular discomfort and inflammation at some point or the other in their lives and look for topical analgesics which can give relief to sore muscles and aching joints. The Hondrocream is one such anti-inflammatory cream which claims to relive all arthritic pains associated with the joints, and aching muscles. A detailed review is available here.

The Product: This is a joint care supplement, a pain relief topical cream which when applied to the affected areas brings instant relief. The natural ingredients used in the formulation of the product tackles inflammation of the muscles and joints and reduces arthritic joint pains.

The Ingredients:

Red Pepper – This is something so common in our kitchens and known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Turpentine Oil –  Used as a solvent it is a natural pain reliever and soothes sore joints and calms distressed nerves.

Camphor – An ingredient which has been successfully used in ancient medicines because of its ability to give immediate relief to itchiness and soreness.

Eucalyptus Oil – The oil is derived from the medicinally beneficial eucalyptus tree whose characteristic fragrance has the ability to calm aching muscles and soothe painful joints. It is used as a solvent in this cream.

Horse Chestnut Oil – This is one of the ingredients used because of its ability to improve blood circulation. An improved blood flow soothes tired ligaments and joints.

Menthol – Known for its cooling sensation, Menthol is used here to relieve burning pain and eliminate it. This is one of the important solvents used in the cream formulation.

Mint Essential Oil –  This is a product known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps cool and soothe the skin.

Fir Needle Essential Oil – A completely natural ingredient tested and renowned for its ability to reduce the toxic levels in the body.


  • All the ingredients used are completely natural and free of artificial chemical formulations. Therefore, this is a safe product to use.
  • This is an over-the-counter medicinal cream. So, there is no hassle of prescription.
  • Most pain killers tackle only the pain and soreness. This is one cream which has natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that can reduce if not eliminate inflammations too.
  • The relief is almost instant and a big boon when in a lot of distress. When having chronic pains, this cream can also be safely used regularly because all the ingredients are natural and relatively free of side-effects.


  • The effects it has on all its users may be varying and not uniform. For some it may work very effectively, while the others may not experience any benefits from it.
  • It is rather sticky and there’s no point in washing it off, because it must be absorbed well into the skin to give some relief.
  • There are many users who have complaints about its rather uneven supply in the market. Its available sometimes and sometimes not.

This is a safe product to use, because of its carefully picked natural ingredients. However, it lags in its constant availability in the market. It can give relief but not completely cure joint pains and aching muscles.